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Figuring things out and growing, one step at a time!

My Thoughts, uncensored, unashamed

2 February 1985
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24, Female, Southern Cali, I have a few long time friends, but not too many. I'm a very social antisocial person if you know what that means.
I like music that makes me feel things, no matter what kind of music it is...if it has a good beat or makes you feel what the musician wants you to feel then its good and I like it.

I use this journal as a way to express what I'm feeling without worrying what the people who read my Myspace Blog think. I have many feelings, and many desires, things I'm sometimes ashamed to admit, which is why I use this... if you're a regular reader of my journal... then I welcome you to the many fixings of my twisted personality. I only wish I had kept this up a few months ago when I had truely juicy drama to report.

Well, think that's it. I'll update as I see fit. LATER!